n00bketeers 126: Xbox One (not to be confused with the Xbox One)

Welcome to the first ever n00bketeers with all four current n00bs on at the same time! Do not expect this to happen again, ever. This episode is all about Xbox One and nothing but Xbox One (except for, you know… other stuff). So enjoy us blabbering on about something that is largely still in the dark.

As always, send in your questions/comments to n00bketeers@vagary.tv to get your own MS Paint picture, and you too will be entered into the n00bketeers Listener Hall of Fame!

William Milby, Brittney Brombacher, Jason Erixon and Tony Zuniga.


This is the future... LOOK AT IT!

This is the future… LOOK AT IT!


Intro – Welcome to the n00bketeers by SoulEye
Xbox One (18:32) – Doki Doki Wav Channel by Kommisar (uCollective)
Britt Leaves (1:06:14) – Jiggy With It (SNES) by CosmoBG (uCollective)
Outro – Cold Mining by Jayster (uCollective)

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